Sunday, June 1, 2008

feeling strange...

I am having trouble sleeping again. I think it's due to being up until five thirty a.m. two days ago, then after I have woken up, I felt completely restless. Anyways, I am still searching for a place to live in next fall, but at the moment, I am enjoying summer to its full potential.

Today's day started with me waking up at one this afternoon, then rushing to a friend's film screening at one thirty. After watching the rough but super entertaining film for about an hour and a half, I decided to have a smoke, then rush off to a cafe to meet my good friend Alyssa. Before her arrival, I ran into another good friend of mine and him and I caught up with one another. Seeing old faces when I least expect it always cheers me up.

Oh right another story, I went to the carnival yesterday...not for the rides but for the carnies and for people watching. I am not going to lie though, I did feel extremely uncomfortable there, but here are a few photographs of last night.

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